The Spot Chocolate Bar

Was established on the 11th of July 2012. This was the beginning of a special and exciting journey.


This is our story:

Our desire was to create a unique and exciting environment where the young and old, singles, couples and families could enjoy the finer and simpler things in life. Our goal was to provide a variety of exceptional desserts, drinks and gourmet dishes to become a new attraction in the heart of Liverpool and a highly regarded Chocolate Bar in Sydney. With this goal in mind along with the experiences and skills that had been attained throughout our lives we introduced The Spot Chocolate Bar.


At The Spot Chocolate Bar everything comes together in a delicate and harmonious way just like the flavours in our dishes. The journey of life has its similarities to chocolate as it can sometimes be sweet, bitter, comforting and also pleasurable at times. At The Spot chocolate bar we invite you to join our ongoing journey. With our late night trading hours and buzzing night scene we offer a great range of products in our menu to ensure your complete satisfaction.


From our flavoursome burgers, freshly made waffles crepes and other chocolate deserts, refreshing mocktails, to our traditional Shisha, we offer something for everyone. Despite the similarities in appearance, each dessert provides a unique and satisfying taste. Every selection has been chosen carefully by us to fulfill your longing affair with chocolate.
We hope you can be part of our journey and enjoy the experience as we present you with our passion for desserts and delicious food.


As of 2015, we have come together to produce an exciting new experience in the Liverpool region, Woodfire&Co, with the aim of providing the best woodfired Pizza and Spanish Tapas in Sydney.