Shisha Bar

The History of Shisha

Shisha, or commonly referred to as a Waterpipe, Narghile, Arghila, or Hookah is a traditional smoking device which dates back roughly 500 years. It was initially designed to elevate user’s state of minds. Hookah smoking is a popular activity across many parts of the world, originating in India, and spreading into the Middle East, it is now popular all over the world. Culturally, the use has always been to relieve stress levels, or to relax among friends of family.


The establishment of Shisha Bars started in Turkey roughly 250 hundred years ago. Starting in Turkey, they quickly grew in popularity and other countries started to follow, it was not long until Shisha Bars became a common venue in the Middle East. Today, Shisha Bars are common all over Europe and are gaining popularity in Australia. Shisha Bars in Sydney are becoming more and more popular as they provide an attractive and relaxing social environment.

Shisha Bar

At the spot, we provide a large variety of Shisha flavours for you to enjoy. Our arghila flavours have been specifically chosen, and we have ensured that only the best shisha flavours are available. The Spot prides itself as one of the best hookah smoking bars in Sydney. With our beautiful choices of food and deserts, you’ll be ensure to enjoy your stay. Come over to the spot and enjoy a shisha with friends or family. If you’ve tried the other shisha venues within Sydney such as those at Parramatta or Bankstown you’ll be sure to love our Shisha!

Ice Experience

The Ice Tip is a unique Shisha attachment that cools the smoke as it passes through the cold, frozen hose attachment. Enjoy a refreshing, new method of smoking the Shisha that’s exclusive to The Spot Chocolate Bar. Using the ice tip provides cooler smoke yet retains the luscious Shisha flavours.